Do Essential Oils work?

I was 5 months pregnant when an old friend introduced me to Young Living. In the past I had purchased other essential oils that never made me feel any different when using them, as I simply added them to my water when mopping the floors. And I also had a diffuser that I used every now and then.

My friend explained the difference between other essential oils to me and she also mentioned “Seed to Seal” which is the company’s quality guarantee. That made no sense to me then…

She explained how I could use them in the diffuser, topically as well as internally if I wanted to. I kept telling her that I only wanted to have 3 oils which would add up to about $100. She said the smartest way would be to get the Premium Starter Kit, as it would contain a nice diffuser and 12 of the most common oils. Since the oils are 100% pure (other companies can label it 100% pure but it only has to contain 5% of actually essential oil) you can end up paying $100 for 3 oils easily. So getting the PSK makes so much sense for $165 including the diffuser and 12 oils. I jumped in and ordered the entire kit, because I trusted her. I guess it also helped that we are both German and have very similar values and interests. 

I completely dove into it and used them daily for all kinds of things we all come across on a regular basis. I also purchases a little book where I could look up how to use them and what for.

For example to help with my head tensions – 1 drop of Peppermint onto the temples. To support detoxification with 1 drop of lemon in my water – because I love a good but gentle detox daily.

To support my upset tummy when I ate too much or the wrong thing…or both…with a drop of Digize under the tounge and rubbed onto my belly with carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil.

I honestly couldn’t quite believe that these oils had the power to make it all better. Until I experienced it for myself. I had to do an experience to gain proof that they work, not just a placebo effect. So I used Lavender for better sleep in the bedroom and measured my sleep quality for days through and app with my Fitbit. Well, I slept with only a few restless phases instead of 8-10 every night the previous 2 weeks prior (according to my Fitbit App) and felt so much more rested. I diffused Lavender in my bed room while asleep and also put some on the soles of my feet with coconut oil. Knocked my husband and I out completely.

This next one was probably the biggest reason I was blown away…

I had skin issues most of my life because I had an unhealthy gut balance from too much antibiotics, being born via C-section and probably from eating too much sugar. Over the years I have been cleaning up my diet, removing stressors that don’t serve me as well as added supplements that contributed to a better gut balance. But my skin wasn’t 100% yet. What can I say…

Frankincense and I became a thing pretty quickly. One drop in the moisturizer changed my complexion. I was completely in love and sooo grateful! People commented on my improved skin.

I have been looking to better my lifestyle for over 15 years. I have had mystery health issues most of my childhood – migraines, digestive trouble, then cystic acne, more belly trouble, brain fog and so much more. I was diagnose with IBS, which to me is the diagnoses that is left after all tests came back negative – Tests: lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, colonoscopy, gluten intolerance and a million more things.

It could have been leaky gut or SIBO or so many other things too. I ended up finding some help with a naturopath in Germany. Turned out I had candida overgrowth and aluminum and teflon in my body. The naturopath helped me significantly to get rid of all this things and feel so much better. And I learned that I need to balance my lifestyle to avoid getting back to that point of absolute misery…Balance for me means = Eat wholesome foods 80% of the time, cook mostly, work out – even just walking a lot, remove toxic product from every day life, promote restful sleep, take high quality supplements to fill the nutritional gaps we all have, eat little processed foods and sugar, surround myself with people that make me happy and bring out the best in me.

I know there are so many people in this world that struggle with gut issues and run from one Dr. to “specialist”, to another Dr. Only to hear that they couldn’t find anything wrong within your body and that you probably have IBS = Irritable Bowl Syndrom (German Reizdarm).

If you like to chat about your own frustrating health issues with me, please reach out! I have been there and I won’t tell you that it’s all in your head.

My healing journey may be a chance for you to find your own path without having to search for answer for more than 10+ years. Even tough our bodies are all different, we have a lot in common. And keep in mind that a lot of physical ailments come from how we feel emotionally. Thats where our amazing essential oils can be a huge supporter.

Because after all our emotions determine our actions. I use plant power daily to increase my energy, improve my focus or lift my spirits when I need it.

Emotional and Psychological Link to the Limbic System:

The limbic system plays a powerful role in creating different emotions and feelings.
One important way that the limbic system impacts emotional health is through carrying sensory input from the environment to the hypothalamus and then from the hypothalamus to other parts of the body.
The hypothalamus acts like the regulator of hormone control, helps the body maintain homeostasis and send signals to the pituitary/thyroid/adrenal glands.
It receives information from many body parts, including the heart, vagus nerve, digestive system and skin.

Because of the hypothalamus functions, the limbic system is directly in control of your stress response and these key functions:

* Heart rate
* Blood pressure
* Breathing
* Memory
* Stress levels
* Hormone balance

Interactions between the hypothalamus and the rest of the limbic system are responsible for controlling the autonomic nervous systemincluding the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The SNS and PNS control our Fight or Flight response.

Anxiety and high amounts of stress also have an impact on inflammation levels, digestion and gut health, cardiovascular functions, your immune system, and the reproductive system , sometimes contributing to disorders like diabetes, insomnia, high blood pressure, higher susceptibility to infections and infertility.

Essential Oils and the Limbic System

The limbic system gathers information from the environment through sensory information. 
For example, a massage can make you feel relaxed, and very loud noises can make you feel anxious.
Our sense of smell is unique compared to our other senses (such as taste, sight, hearing) because it bypasses parts of the brain that other types of sensory information often cannot. Because of this, smells can often cause immediate and strong emotional reactions based on memories. 
Smells can bring us back to past events, making us feel a certain way based on past events.

Essential oils, for example, can have dramatic effects on limbic function and how you feel. 
This is true because the strong fragrances they hold, which are found inside volatile molecules that can make their way into your bloodstream, travel directly through the blood/brain barrier very quickly.

Essential Oils are the life force of plants. 

If you want the best quality when it comes to essentials oils, then you need to use Young Living’s Essential Oils. There are about 3% of all essential oils on the market that are considered good quality therapeutic grade, and Young Living is one of them with being the most experienced in ensuring that all therapeutic constituents are within the oil when distilled – they are the only essential oil company to test each batch with the Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) to ensure all active constituents are in the oil that make it therapeutic for whatever purpose (for example better sleep). If they aren’t complete, then the oils can’t have the therapeutic effect they are intended to have.

Gary Young took it on as his life’s mission to find the most amazing plants on the planet to support us emotionally and physically. He ensured that from the moment the seed is planted to the harvest, then the distillation process, the bottling and the testing by YL and a 3rd party – everything is done ethically and properly. They don’t use any pesticides, they love on their people and therefore have the best working conditions. Where do you find a company like this these days?!

I am so grateful to be one of those women and men, that take their health into their own hands with the help of Young Living. That I am part of a strong, international network of like minded people that are connecting with each other and are making the world a little better every day.

How exactly?!

By helping people to empower themselves through these essential oils and other natural every day products!

Removing toxins from their homes, their make up, their foods and so much more. At the same time building meaningful friendships for a life time.

I have been longing to build deeper relationships with people, especially after I had my son (my family lives in Germany, I live in the US) and felt alone and isolated in the first year, which I know many new moms experience. I believe everyone should have a tribe they can lean on and grow with.

If you are ready to become a part of this amazing community and learn about how the lifestyle can improve your life, then reach out so we can connect.

Once you get your kit you become part of this amazing community. No buying obligations after that, no membership fees. You’ll be added to our educational FB group and guided every step of the way until you become comfortable. You’ll most likely want to share the love with your favorite people and show them how they can live a more balanced life with less toxins. We are here to uplift one another and be lifelong students.

Sending Love your way,