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Why does it have to be so hard to be healthy or loose weight?

And what needs to happen to actually maintain a healthier lifestyle?

If you ask me, it is all about creating and changing habits…

And habit changing can actually be effortless and fun.

When you have the right support, tools and accountability in place!

And you can still eat the fries, drink the cocktails and eat your ice cream.

It’s not an all or nothing approach.


My transformational coaching technique will give you lasting results and make a lifestyle change easy and enjoyable. 

So who do I help?

I help men and women that have a busy lifestyle and do not know where to start to reach their health and wellness goals.

Perhaps you have tried different diets/approaches like keto, paleo, weight watchers & co and only saw short term success.

Or you just don’t feel like you have the willpower to start moving your body or change some eating habits.

The secret sauce is not – getting pushed to do something you don’t want to do –  it is to get down to the root of it all and then find ways to retrain the brain in a gentle but effective way – so you WANT to do something that benefits your health!

Like you actually ENJOY doing it!

It is simple and it works.

If that sounds like something you want for yourself,

then I may be the right coach to support you.

Single sessions and packages available.

See below for pricing.


The 14 Day Gut Feeling Reset

All you need are whole foods and a proper preparation.

I will provide the daily accountability, delicious recipes and preparation guidance.

It includes a private session with me and access to the Facebook group including all information you will need to complete it with ease. 
I only take a few clients per reset to ensure I can properly support each one and give them the attention they need.

I have a waiting list if you missed the cut off. 

There are plenty of habits, products and foods that can hold you back from living your best life.

We will explore your daily routine to see what can be improved, so that you can feel better quickly and see results.

Health is so much more than just eating the “right” foods and working out.

A holistic coach explores all areas of your life with you and can help you to make small changes that can have a huge impact on your well being within even days!

If you are tired of short term deprivation approaches –

And ready for results that last, then let’s connect!


Each program is tailored towards you based on what you want to accomplish for your health, and what works best for your body and lifestyle. 



1 Month INTENSIVE– 4 sessions 

($475, one time payment)

3 Month PICK ME UP – 6 sessions 

($325 per month)

6 Month TRANSFORMATION – 12 sessions

($275 per month)


Individual Sessions:

$125 for 1 hour initial consult

$95 for 50 minute follow up sessions

The 14 Day Gut Feeling Reset

($115, one time payment)

All monthly programs include the following:

– Unlimited access to me via email

– Handouts, worksheets, recipes and tailored recommendations

The 14-Day Gut Feeling Reset (online group)

If I could describe one word from my time with Tina I would say “Transformative.”  I’ve dealt with a lifelong struggle with being overweight. I’ve tried to lose weight in the past only to gain it all back. So I decided to take a chance and try something different. My first few sessions with Tina were honestly nerve wrecking. I think it’s hard to admit when you need help and to allow someone into your life to help start the change. After a few more sessions, we talked a lot about healthy food options and workout routines.  Things became easier to talk about, as we dove deeper into issues that lead to my unhealthy habits. Sessions became so familiar it was almost as if you would go to a friend for advice. Ultimately, these sessions have been an incredible journey of self-discovery.  I can’t think of a better person to help people with a lifestyle change than Tina. She provides a lot of positivity, great empowerment, and dash of tough love. I feel that these sessions have been significant stepping stones to reaching my end goal. If you have a hesitation on whether you should see Tina, I have just but one advice; you are the only one who can make that leap for change, but Life coaches like Tina can help make that leap seem not as far as it once was.

From the day I met Tina, her warmth and sincere desire to help people live healthier, better-balanced lives was apparent. The more we got to know each other, both personally through our sons and professionally as mutual clients, only underscored what I knew to be true about Tina — she cares deeply for the well-being of everyone she meets and is devoted to using her profound knowledge of natural solutions to help kids sleep better, new moms handle hormone imbalances and anxiety, and so many other ailments and issues. She’s also passionate about helping people adopt a toxin-free lifestyle through household products, and I can attest first hand that the Thieves line of essential-oil based cleaning and oral hygiene products are AMAZING. Do yourself a favor and get to know Tina – she’ll be able to help you in ways you didn’t even know you needed!

Having Tina as my health coach was the best decision I made in order to transform my eaiting habits, lifestyle and ultimately, my health. I enjoyed every session and learned so much about myself and how to take care of my body and mind. Each session was fun, insightful and I left feeling inspired! Through her sessions I learned to make long lasting changes that have positively impacted my life and well-being (e.g. more energy, confidence, and weight loss!). I HIGHLY recommend Tina if you want to make long lasting positive changes in your health and well-being, and have fun in the process!

Tina is such a joy and inspiration to work with.  She is extremely knowledgeable but what makes the big difference is her positivity that is so contagious. She is passionate about what she does and dedicated to the result of her clients. She has this ability to makes you feel good every step of the way on your journey.
I would recommend Tina without hesitation for those who want to have results in a positive way that feels good to them.
She is honest and says it as it is with lots of kindness and a dash of kick-up-the-bum so you can stay inspired and get the result you want to change your life and be your best self.
I love how genuine she truly is and how committed she is to help her clients.
She is definitely the best inspiring Heath Coach out there.

Doing the cleanse with Tina has been an amazing experience!  Not only I lost weight but not going to bed feeling extremely bloated is the best feeling. My hunger levels and my cravings for sugar decreased so much. Tina is super responsive and motivational. I am extremely happy I did this for myself. Definitely a great way to start the year!

I came to Tina looking for solutions to migraine headaches and anxiety and I was thrilled with the experience!  My first thought about working with a health coach is that it would be hard, and they would make me feel guilty about what I was eating and my eating habits.  Tina is the opposite!  She encouraged and praised what I was doing right and gave me great suggestions for small pivots I could make that I was able to start implementing right away.  Her genuine care for my health and wellbeing came through at all times.  I LOVED her suggestions around blocking my lunch time as “sacred” time and how to involve my family so we could all eat healthier together.  Tina takes a “whole life” approach to working with you and makes sure her suggestions are things that will fit into the lifestyle you have or want to have.  I’m “soul” glad we’re working together.

This was my first time working with a Health Coach and I must stay Tina made me feel very comfortable  discussing my health goals and challenges.  She was positive, encouraging and supportive.  While at the same time gave me the push to take the necessary steps to achieve my goals independently and take responsibility for my own actions.  My physical transformation did not feel difficult nor complex because she helped me break it down into parts and understand the long term benefits it would have on my body and mind by providing me with the tools and reading material to take home.  I can tell she is passionate about not only helping others but also about nutrition and natural remedies.

I saw results with each session I had with her, from weight loss, increased energy levels and conscious grocery shopping.

I will forever be grateful.

Exceeding expectations, above and beyond, more support than I could imagine – are the phases that come to mind for starters when I think of Tina Amoah-Jordan. I came to Tina to me with a holistic approach to help me manage stress, insomnia and internal organ health.  My first conversation with Tina Amoah-Jordan felt like I was speaking with a friend I’ve known for decades. She listened intently and made suggestions that I would expect from a holistic practitioner. I see Tina as a health and hormone coach!
She followed up with a detailed and tailored game plan for me along with links, videos and resources.

I also implemented Young Living Essential Oils in my care plan. II immediately found my favorites and started them using them daily. I have implemented essential oils for immunity, managing emotions and hormones, topically for support of aches and itching and use CBD for sleep and  aches.

After following Tina’s advice,  non prescription means to manage stress and anxiety, a natural way to soothe muscle pain, and as an unexpected perk, I now have toxic free home cleaners,and more! I have let my family and friends about her and much she has helped me!

I definitely recommend to talk to Tina if you have any concerns about your health! She is a great coach, personal and someone I know I can reach out to anytime with questions about my physical and emotional well being!

Tina is much more than just a food coach, she is a whole body and spirit coach. Every session was an exploration of your inner self to get to the root cause of your bad eating habits. You will come away from each session inspired to do better and rise to the challenge of improving your life on all levels. Tina is not only a coach but a friend who checks up on how you’re doing and feeling throughout the week, giving you that little push when you’re struggling to stay on track. There is nothing forced here, Tina will give you the tools and advice to make your life more fulfilling and it’s up to you to put that plan into action, at your own pace and on your own time, however, you must always move forward in order to benefit from this wonderful information she provides. I suggest the 12-week program and if you are thinking that that may be a bit much for you, ask yourself, what is my health worth? Not only monetary but in time and commitment? Do yourself a favor and give Tina a call now and learn how to improve your life from this wonderful human being!

Tina, is one of my favorite humans!  She is bold, professional, meticulous, and knows how to cut through the fluff and make it happen.  I absolutely enjoy working with her! She offers her clients, authentic, genuine and lasting change. She does not subscribe to trendy fad diets/ fad coaching techniques but offers a new way of living life that starts from connecting within. I avoided a holistic approach to treating my psoriasis  for a very long time. However after years of  UV light treatment, pills and topical medications without much results I decided to try something new. I highly recommend Tina to any one looking for REAL results.

The cleanse has been a very transformative experience. Not only I lost seven pounds in a matter of days, but I got plenty of practical guidance on how to build and maintain healthy habits.
A big take away is that eating well does not have to be expensive or time consuming -this was a big myth my wife had, and she’s gotten a bunch of great recipe ideas from Tina’s tool kit that are easy to make, very tasty and budget friendly.
Tina is an amazing coach, she takes health and well being very seriously and truly wants you to succeed. She is very supportive but also great at keeping you accountable so you get the most out of her time and her method.
I’d highly recommend getting time on her calendar to get on track to live a healthier life.
Tina is the best!

This reset was so good for me! I had a lot of inflammatory issues and I needed a new guide for what foods would help. This was the perfect guide for that. Not only is Tina kind and fun to work with, but she’s incredibly knowledgeable and attentive. I highly recommend!