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Tina is much more than just a food coach, she is a whole body and spirit coach. Every session was an exploration of your inner self to get to the root cause of your bad eating habits. You will come away from each session inspired to do better and rise to the challenge of improving your life on all levels. Tina is not only a coach but a friend who checks up on how you’re doing and feeling throughout the week, giving you that little push when you’re struggling to stay on track. There is nothing forced here, Tina will give you the tools and advice to make your life more fulfilling and it’s up to you to put that plan into action, at your own pace and on your own time, however, you must always move forward in order to benefit from this wonderful information she provides. I suggest the 12-week program and if you are thinking that that may be a bit much for you, ask yourself, what is my health worth? Not only monetary but in time and commitment? Do yourself a favor and give Tina a call now and learn how to improve your life from this wonderful human being!